COMPOSED: a documentary by John Beder

By The Musicians of the San Diego Symphony (other events)

Sunday, February 26 2017 7:00 PM 9:30 PM PDT

Composed invites you into the world of professional classical music, for an exploration of the many causes of and solutions for performance anxiety. This feature documentary brings together dozens of professionals from prestigious orchestras, symphonies, and music schools to discuss their personal journeys, and consider how best to achieve excellence in the face of enormous pressure. Composed finally confirms what so many of us have always secretly wondered – no, it’s not just you who has experienced the physical and mental agonies of performance anxiety, and yes, there are many ways to overcome the symptoms and deliver peak auditions and performances. Join the conversation today.

"The film ‘Composed’  addresses the topic of performance anxiety in a comprehensive and approachable way. The story-telling and personal narratives woven throughout the film showcase how this topic impacts nearly every musician, as well as suggests a variety of individual and different strategies to help overcome the issue. Most importantly, this film begins a public conversation around a topic that has too often been buried from artistic practice. This film should be required viewing at every music school!"
~ Rachel Roberts Director of Entrepreneurial Musicianship New England Conservatory

Join us for a free screening of this amazing documentary followed by a discussion of this important topic. Learn more about this work, including a number of video excerpts, at Composed.


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